VSAT Users and Uses

One of the unique features of comsys is that we actually track the VSAT market by end user. Our VSAT database consolidates contracts from the Star TDMA, Mesh & Star DAMA and SCPC technologies and contains over 35,000 contract records.  Several key strengths have led to the unique position of our database in this industry:

In at the beginning:
we have been tracking the industry since its inception in 1985 - over 20 years.
we work with all of the operators and manufacturers in the market and hold a great deal of their confidential information which is used to provide our analysis without compromising the contract details.


Some examples of users of VSAT systems which are not confidential follow.  You have our permission to quote this information providing that you label it as © and reference is made at each use to this www site (www.comsys.co.uk).

The following examples are taken from major networks around the world. Notice how many are both economically important to a country - a large stock exchange or a national bank for example.  However, VSAT networks do not have to be huge and tiny networks are deployed in all parts of the world including many highly developed countries.  It is also interesting to see that these tiny networks include some huge names - ABB and Rio Tinto for example.  This shows how remarkably flexible and adaptable VSAT technology is.

User Country Sites System Vendor User Since Operator
AAVTA Italy 43 Hughes 1989 Telespazio
ABB Norway 7 TSAT 2001 Dedicated
Banco Azteca El Salvador Mexico 40 Gilat 2013 Dedicated
ADP USA 2,172 Hughes 1992 Hughes
AeroMexico Mexico 10 iDirect 2014 GoGo
African Development Bank Africa 113 Hughes 2008 Dedicated
AGD Argentina 30 iDirect 2006 Telefónica
Aida Cruise Europe 6 iDirect 2015 Marlink
'Agroinvestbank 'Tajikistan 60 UHP Networks 2009 Isatel
Allegiant Air USA 5 Hughes 2013 Global Eagle
Allied Bank Pakistan 25 iDirect 2008 Cybernet
AMP-Ohio USA 320 Gilat 2004 Spacenet
Bank Sadarat Iran 546 Hughes 1999 ISC
Boston Markets USA 876 Gilat 2000 Spacenet
Boticario Brazil 2,730 Gilat 2004 Embratel
CAAC China 364 Polarsat 1994 Dedicated
Caixa Economica Federal Brazil 11,500 Gilat 1998 BT Latam
Camelot UK 31,517 Hughes 1994 Hughes Europe
Central Bank of Libya Libya 200 Nera 2008 Dedicated
Correios Brazil 6,750 Gilat 2005 BT Latam
Colombia Air Traffic Control Colombia 40 Advantech 2014 Dedicated
Colonial Pipeline USA 164 Hughes 1990 Hughes
Energobalance Russia 40 Hughes 2008 Altegrosky
Feadship van Lent USA 7 iDirect 2007 EMC/GEE
FNB Connect South Africa 1,000 iDirect 2012 FNB Connect
FT Cable Ships France 5 iDirect 2009 Orange/FT
Genie Project (Moroccan Schools) Morocco 5,000 Newtec 2015 Quantis
Los Angeles County USA 40 iDirect 2011 Network Innovations
Lehigh Gas Corp USA 230 Hughes 2013 Hughes
Ministry of Internal Affairs Kazakhstan 320 Gilat 2007 Astel
Ministry of Justice Turkey 685 iDirect 2005 Turksat
MOL Global 40 iDirect 2011 Marlink
Mongolian Government Mongolia 50 Gilat 2013 Isatcom
Municipal Health Services Program Angola 320 Gilat 2007 Dedicated
MTC (Marine Training Centre) Kiribati 1 iDirect 2015 SpeedCast
Rio Tinto Australia 10 iDirect 2006 ITC Global
Royal Caribbean Cruises USA 33 Comtech 2000 CapRock
Saudi Aramco Saudi Arabia 220 Advantech 2002 Dedicated
National Oilwell Varco (NOV) USA 462 Hughes 2012 Hughes
Shell Bulgaria Hungary 75 Gilat 2001 Hungaro Digitel
National Sanitory Service Bolivia 18 Gilat 2015 ABE
National Stores Inc USA 352 Hughes 2005 Hughes
State Tax Committee Uzbekistan 258 Hughes 1998 Dedicated
Sunoco USA 2,217 Gilat 2002 Spacenet
NHIS/Ghana Government Ghana 850 Gilat 2008 STL
Nordic Tankers Global 70 iDirect 2013 Inmarsat
Northwestel Canada 239 iDirect 2011 Dedicated
Orange Guinea/DRC Guinea/DRC 5 Gilat 2016 AMN
OTP Hungarian Savings Bank Hungary 700 Gilat 1997 Hungaro Digitel
Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) Thailand 14 Gilat 2010 Dedicated
RZHD (Railways) Russia 235 Hughes 2007 AltegroSky
SAICA Spain 200 ViaSat 2008 Ufinet
Saudi Holland Bank Saudi Arabia 350 iDirect 2014 Skyband
Save the Children Africa 51 iDirect 2015 SpeedCast
Shell Tankers Global 71 Satlink 2010 NSSL Global
State Bank of India India 5,699 Hughes 2012 Hughes India