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The all new 14th Edition of the COMSYS VSAT Report is now available.  This comprehensive study has involved interviews with and about over 300 different service providers with individual reports on more than 110 VSAT operators and over 20 different product platforms from all the major vendors.  As has been the case for over 25 years, the Report is the result of direct primary research by COMSYS over an intensive period of 12 months.  The statistical analysis of the industry covers almost every conceivable aspect of how the market has performed over the past ten years and provides both historical data as well as enterprise and consumer service and VSAT hardware forecasts for the next ten years.  The 14th Edition is provided in fully indexed and searchable PDF form.

  • Volume I  runs to more than 540 pages with 169 tables and 270 figures and charts analysing corporate, enterprise, SME and consumer sales of VSAT systems by vendor, operator, geography, industry and revenues.

  • Volume II covers technical specifications, prices, shipments, customer references and company analysis for 23 systems from 16 different vendors.

  • Volume III contains detailed analysis of over 110 VSAT service operations around the world.


The VSAT Report is known as the definitive study on this industry enabling telecommunication and IT managers, existing and prospective system operators, manufacturers and integrators to stay competitive and increase profitability. 

In this section of the site, we'll tell you what we do and give you some explanations, stories and statistics about the industry.  The report contains service information, market shares and segment focus on more than 400 operators and all of the current VSAT system vendors from both the market leaders and the smaller specialized manufacturers.  It analyses historical hardware sales and service trends by operator, region, vertical segment, VSAT platform (TDMA/SCPC/DAMA) and service type (enterprise/corporate/consumer).

As a Telecoms Manager of a large corporation, you know how difficult it is to source reliable and accurate information on the most cost effective and reliable networking technologies and services. Finding the right provider in areas such as Central Europe, Latin America and Asia can be particularly difficult. If you are an Investor or Lender, you will have no trouble finding out what the market is forecast to look like 5 or 10 years from now, but do these figures have an anchor in reality?  The VSAT report gives you information about the actual performance of the industry and forecasts of what the next ten years are likely to look like constructed on two primary scenarios based on current developments and innovations - all the data you need at your fingertips. Constructed from direct visits and interviews and providing an effective due diligence it will provide you with strategic and practical information and enable you to stay one step ahead and maintain your company's competitive advantage. For Suppliers of products and services the report is an invaluable source on the status of the market today. It gives market shares, growth rates, annual contract and sales bookings, business trends, industry and regional breakdowns and ten year forecasts together with full contact information for each company.

The 14th Edition of the VSAT Report since 1988 is now available with actual data up to the end of 2016. It comprises over 1,500 pages in three volumes containing a wealth of information on all aspects of VSAT, direct-to-business earth station products and services including:

  • Existing and planned products with standardised lay-out allowing for easy direct comparisons between the technical capabilities and pricing of different systems.
  • Star TDMA and SCPC as well as Mesh and Star DAMA systems.
  • Existing and planned services covering more than 50 countries.
  • Extensive company marketing, sales and strategic information.
  • Detailed industry analysis illustrated with more than 450 charts and tables covering sales, industry growth and financial summaries segmented by operator, vendor, region and industry.
  • Market shares of operators and vendors measured in number of sites and revenues by region, segment and system type.
  • Regional market and regulatory overview.
  • Assessment of the current state, capabilities and challenges of the industry and market.
  • Predictions for the future of these technology and market.
  • Business planning for potential system users.
  • Sourcing tables for users categorised by operator, products, technology and service area.
  • Individual vendor and product descriptions and analysis including key contacts.
  • 160 operator profiles detailing their business evolution, status, capabilities and plans as well as a key contact for each.

Telecoms/IT Managers & Financial Analysts New & Established Operators Manufacturers & Integrators
Due Diligence Competitive Information Market Growth Vendor Shares
Technology Update Service Differentiation Contact Information
Competitive Regional Sourcing Products to Fit a Niche Statistical Analysis
Latest Market Developments Sales Approaches Service Experiences
Product Comparisons Regional Market Comparisons Customer Requirements
M&A Activity Global Service Revenue Analysis Global Hardware Revenue Analysis

The VSAT Report is based on primary research by COMSYS involving site visits and interviews with companies from Australia to Argentina, Italy to Iran, Mexico to Myanmar, Canada to Chile, Ukraine to the USA, India to Indonesia, France to Finland, Brazil to Bhutan, South Africa to Sweden, Nigeria to Norway, Ghana to Germany, Taiwan to Turkey, Dubai to Denmark and from Pakistan to Peru. Whilst being written in an informal, easy to read style, the report uses consistent formats for each company enabling direct comparisons between vendors and operators. It provides an effective reference manual, as well as expert opinion on the technology, services, strengths and weaknesses of vendors.