VSAT2012, to be held in September 2012, considers a VSAT industry in the midst of major changes.  After years of scarcity, spacecraft bringing terabytes of bandwidth at vastly reduced costs perhaps one tenth that of current levels, or even lower are now coming into service.  These new satellite systems and ever growing fibre networks bring plentiful bandwidth, but, at least initially, restricted access.  


For the natural traders, satellite bandwidth will become a commodity to trade.  With some markets and segments gobbling up whatever is available whilst others are swamped with capacity they cannot find a use for, there will undoubtedly be opportunities for the entrepreneurial operator.


Companies that are able to create, market and sell value propositions based on Ka-band spot-beam capacity will rule the world (of VSATs!). Satellite operators with individual spacecraft supporting 40, 80 or 120 Gbps of capacity will rely on companies who can envision the possibilities and bring innovative new services to market.  Longer term, the possibilities are even greater as the next generation of Ka-band or even V-band spacecraft are planned.


Those VSAT operators still reliant on the provision of broadband connectivity only are in for a rough ride, but some have already begun the transition, even complete transformation, of their business strategy to a high value, specialised, focused solutions-based approach.


Despite the massive changes now taking place, Ka-band carries its own penalties and the established C and Ku-bands will retain many advantages that a specialised service provider can continue to leverage.  Some VSAT service providers will proactively plan on incorporating Ka-band services into their current value propositions whilst others will focus on their strong solution skills, customer relationships, industry knowledge and managed infrastructure.  These business will. however, still have to maintain a watching brief on Ka-band capacity and adapt quickly to use the new capabilities when appropriate.


VSAT2012 will be the place operators and end-users need to be in order to understand the timescales and complex changes taking place and identify the possible threats and potential opportunities that the new environment will bring.  The 2011 conference was sold out almost a month before it began and was highly praised for the quality of its speaker presentations, innovative subjects and unmatched networking opportunities - the 2012 event is not one to be missed.


The COMSYS VSAT Conference is where the pivotal players in the VSAT industry came together.  It is where partnerships, plans, business strategies and decisions are made. Richard Kline said Confidence is preparation. Everything else is beyond your control. VSAT2012 is the place where many will begin their preparations.


The conference draws the highest profile speakers and delegates from the four corners of the globe because it is the only event which covers operational experiences and customer application examples from all regions of the world.  Delegates and speakers came from 42 different countries to attend VSAT2011.  


Our objective for the conference is simple - to focus on the key issues, latest developments and strongest areas of opportunity in the global marketplace by bringing together the major decision-makers and most successful exponents in the industry. Whether you require some vision on how to tackle the economic downturn, an industry update, coverage of new technologies and market developments, a chance to network with some of the most influential people in the VSAT business or just some inspiration, the COMSYS VSAT Conference will meet your needs.

Key issues to be addressed at VSAT2012 included:

  • Ka-band and the new business models that need to be considered by both spacecraft and VSAT operator.
  • Commercial maritime operator changes, threats and opportunities.
  • Business continuity in a hybrid DSL/VSAT configuration and how a retail user leverages the attributes and extracts value.
  • Managing an ocean of bandwidth beam by beam, just how will commitments, QoS and load be shared across multiple spot-beams?
  • Mobile VSAT services, where are the opportunities and how much demand is there?
  • GSM backhaul moves up in site count and down in bandwidth as mobile operators move towards the next level down in the pyramid of rural opportunity.
  • Consumer market opportunities in all regions of the world, how VSAT is performing, how platforms are developing and how strategies are evolving.
  • Fibre threats to VSAT, what are the market trends?
  • How value added businesses can be built in a world of plentiful bandwidth


Segment and application specific topics:

  • Ka-Band Spotbeam Satellites
  • Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Mining and Service Companies
  • GSM & Small Cell Backhaul
  • MOFA & Foreign Government Networks
  • Broadband to Vertical Value Strategies
  • Mobility and Military Communications
  • Broadband Futures and Bandwidth Demand
  • Consumer Internet Access
  • Maritime Service Futures
  • Distribution and Channel Disruption
  • Retail & Business Continuity
  • Video in the Large Enterprise
  • Next Generation Utility Networks


Regional case studies:

  • Afghanistan
  • Middle East
  • UK
  • USA
  • India
  • Iran
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Europe
  • Africa


Speakers at VSAT2012 include:



  • Pradman Kaul

      CEO, Hughes, USA

  • Alberto Boratto Carpene

      Business Development & Board Member, Milano Teleport, Italy

  • Aslan Tricha

      Vice President, Global Sales Engineering , SES, Luxembourg

  • Bertrand Hartman

      CEO, OmniAccess, Spain

  • Daniel Enns

      Senior Vice President, Comtech, USA

  • Dave Bettinger

      CTO, iDirect, USA

  • David Levinger

      Sales Manager Commercial Satcom Solutions, Astrium Services,France

  • David Gelerman

      CEO, Advantech Wireless, Canada

  • Erez Antebi

      CEO, Gilat, Israel

  • Jay Yass

      Vice President, Global and Strategic Sales, Intelsat, USA

  • Jorg Leenaards

      CIO, Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belgium

  • Leo Mondale

      CEO, Global Xpress, Inmarsat/Global Xpress, Switzerland

  • Malek Shahid

      Senior Strategist, Wireless Alcatel-Lucent, UK

  • Richard Deasington

      Director, Vertical Marketing, iDirect, France

  • Mark Dankberg

      CEO, ViaSat, USA

  • Michel Verbist

      Head of International Business Development, Orange Business Services, Belgium

  • Mike Tippets

      VP, Hughes Solutions Group, Hughes, USA

  • Nadeem Khoury

      Director SATCOM Department, HICAP, Saudi Arabia

  • Rick Hodgkinson

      CEO/President, Galaxy Broadband, Canada

  • Riyadh Al Adely

      CEO, SkyStream, UAE

  • Serge van Herck

      CEO, Newtec, Belgium

  • Shivaji Chatterjee

      Vice President, Enterprise Services, Hughes India, India

  • John Finney

      CCO, O3b Networks, Jersey

  • Yoel Gat

      CEO, SatixFy, Hong Kong SAR

  • Bill Green

      Global Account Director, Hermes Datacoms International, UK

  • Emil Youssefzadeh

      Founder & CEO, STM Group, USA

  • Nick Daly

      Managing Director UK & Ireland, South Asia, UK, Eutelsat, France

  • Simon Bull

      Senior Consultant, COMSYS, UK


Some of the market's leading innovators, both from a service and user perspective, will deliver their views on the future needs of customers and the likely development of new applications and platforms. Key figures will talk about the practical aspects of providing global and regional services addressing subjects from technology enablers to regulatory access.




Do you have an interest in a particular topic or would like to sponsor the conference, please contact:

Sandie Copp
Event Manager

Tel: +44-1727-832288
Fax: +44-1727-810194

What delegates said about the previous COMSYS VSAT Conferences ...

  • " In terms of networking, the opportunities were extreme and added great significance to our business development cycle in the converged satellite market place. Well done to the entire COMSYS team! Keep up the illustrious work, it's paying off hugely in moving the market forward. Your report, knowledge, connections, consulting and friendships already set you apart, the COMSYS VSAT conference is another ace." 

      Sean R. Victor, Principal Specialist, Vodacom

  • " Excellent way to understand the challenges and initiatives that satellite operators face and are engaged in. " 

      Shamanga Ilunga, Senior Manager, Africa Comms Network Infrastructure, Standard Bank

  • " It was very exciting and it gave the information to help better implement my VSAT network ideas and what to expect. " 

      Tamara Chikumbi, NAPSA

  • " Excellent forum to meet clients and prospects. Very focused group in attendance. " 

      Vinod Shukla, Senior Vice President and Assistant General Manager, Hughes

  • " Very focused and interesting. An event not to miss. " 

      Andrea Cardellicchio, Marketing & International Market Development, Telespazio

  • " The quality of the presentations and participants was excellent. " 

      Andrew Shorrock, Sales Director, Codan

  • " As always excellent content and speakers. Relevant subjects. " 

      Heinrich Nothnagel

  • " Just the right size for effective networking . top notch stream of speakers. " 

      Kevin Tester, Editor, IMarEST/Maritime Electronics

  • " Congratulations on another successful conference. We found it to be very informative as always! " 

      Oliver Petersen, Vice President, Telecom, Media & Technology Finance, ING Bank

  • " Very good - good size. Thought through content. " 

      Regina Riegerbauer, Strategic Market Development, SES WORLDSKIES


What delegates said about previous COMSYS VSAT conferences ...

  • "Still the best ...." 

     James Trevelyan, Head of Enterprise Sales, Arqiva

  • "I always walk away from the conference with new business ideas that are working in markets other than mine ...." 

     Imran Malik, CEO, Supernet

  • "Excellent conference where the true VSAT community meets to exchange viewpoints, updates and success stories around the world" 

     Javier Braun, CEO, Pegaso Banda Ancha

  • "This conference is very useful for me .. I get the latest VSAT market trends." 

     Susumu Mitsumori, Manager, Enterprise Business Division, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation

  • "Excellent focused presentations ......" 

     Robert Bell, Executive Director, SSPI

  • "A very good conference to be introduced to the exciting world of VSAT" 

     Ron Vollenger, Business Consultant, Outsource IT Management

  • "Excellent conference for the VSAT services industry. Very focused and informative as well as relevant. Consistently great!" 

     Abdul Halim Dato AH, Executive Chairman, Baycom

  • "Well organised, well planned, excellent content" 

     Heinrich Nothnagel, General Manager, Afsat

  • "I believe this is the premier conference for the VSAT business" 


  • "COMSYS is a conference for people serious about enhancing their knowledge of the industry.  As a result, COMSYS makes a significant contribution to elevating the sophistication and strategic vision of the satellite communications industry as a whole." 

     David Myers, SVP Marketing & Corporate Development, Spacenet

  • "No matter how much I think I have some level of knowledge on a particular topic, I always learn more. I'll be back." 

     Dave Saunders, Principal Consultant, TRL Technology

  • "Keep it up, it has helped encourage and give hope regarding the industry" 

     Gboyega Ojuri, CEO, Juniper Solutions

  • "Good content - well run - congratulations" 

     Glenn McGrath, Senior Product Manager, Reach

  • "The place to meet the movers and shakers of the VSAT Industry" 

     Doron Elinav, VP Marketing, Gilat Satellite Networks

  • "One of the best conferences I have attended" 

     Dawood Shah, Managing Director, Afsat

  • "Depth and breadth is fantastic. Mr Bull understands the history, dynamics, economics and trends better than anyone" 

     Erwin Hudson, CTO, WildBlue Communications

  • "Well balanced portfolio of presentations, all the main players, great networking opportunity, not to be missed" 

     Dave Saunders, Principal Consultant, L3 Communications

  • "Well organised & excellent speakers" 

     Federico Masier, COO, Netdish

  • "One of the best events I have ever attended." 

     G. Martin, LMI

  • "An excellent forum. You have brought together an excellent mix of global operators, suppliers and users." 

     Senior Technical Manager, TASC

  • "Great speakers with up-to-the-minute status on the industry trends."

     Stuart Taylor, Manager,
    Satellite Plans & Procurement, New Skies Satellite

  • "Good diversity of Satcom industry topics plus excellent networking

     George Jusaites, Director, Commercial Wireless Products Group, Andrew Corporation

  • "Good mix of industry and end user presenters. The conference is well organised and provides opportunities to develop new business."

     Marybeth Majka, Manager, Corporate Markets, Intelsat

  • "The conference has really grown into an important & professional event you should not miss."

     Reinhold Zanoth, Manager Advanced Commercial Projects, SES Astra

  • "Great platform to network on the future with service providers, end-customers and technology suppliers. Very good presentations."

     Marc Stenfert-Kroese, Senior Manager, Marketing, ND SatCom

  • "Very exciting presentations and subjects. The scope of the material was excellent."

     Karen Nissly, Business Line Manager, Intelsat

  • "Excellent conference with high level of speakers and very informative subjects."

     Ana Claudia de Barcelos Pereira, Engineer, Vicom