Who are we

  • Others - COMSYS is an equal opportunities employer. We have employed animals, but we draw the line at anything that might eat us or clients.


Jeremy RoseJeremy: Concentrates on mobile and television satellite systems and services, such as low and medium earth orbit (LEO MEO) systems, satellite news-gathering (SNG) and broadcasting. He began his career with Marconi Space and Defence Systems after graduating from the Polytechnic of Central London in 1979, where he was involved in system engineering, research and analysis for Ministry of Defence projects. In 1982 he founded COMSYS, and was initially involved in the design and manufacture of satellite ground system units and associated engineering services before developing the company's consultancy business. Jeremy is a member of International Institute of Communications, British Space Society, Society of Space Professionals, and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He has published numerous papers and articles and serves as the European Editor of the international journal Space Communications. Jeremy has led many of the company's major tasks for large corporate clients in the areas of satellite system and capacity strategies, investment due diligence and market forecasting. He is a regular speaker at international satellite conferences and seminars.




Susan BullSusan: specialises in corporate networking technologies particularly direct to business satellite systems known as VSATs. She obtained an honours degree from the London School of Economics and then served in the Army as a Commissioned Officer. She joined COMSYS in 1985, and has been primarily responsible for the multi-client VSAT studies undertaken by the company during the last thirty years, including the company's most recent editions of The VSAT Industry Status Report and the Maritime VSAT Report. Her work at COMSYS also involves her in advising clients on the regulatory, strategic and business planning, administrative and operational aspects of satellite communication systems and products. As part of this work Susan regularly visits equipment manufacturers, service providers and PTTs in Europe, North and South America, Australasia, Africa and Asia. She has visited most of the companies reviewed or described in the updated VSAT report, amounting to well over 150 firms worldwide. She is regularly consulted by current and potential VSAT manufacturers, service providers and users. In addition to her consulting activities, Susan is a regular contributor to numerous trade publications and a speaker at conferences in Asia, Europe and North America. She also delivers seminars and instruction on VSAT networks implementation, technologies, services and markets.



Adrian BullAdrian: Focuses on satellite networking and capacity, television programming and channel issues. He has been working in the entertainment industry and, in particular, the fields of television and film since 1982. He has worked as actor, director and producer for a wide range of companies ranging from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to London Weekend Television, Carlton Communications and Channel 4 Television. He has also been involved in the production side of corporate television, completing projects for Marks and Spencer plc, Toshiba, The European Commission and Alcatel Telspace. Adrian joined COMSYS in 1990, since which time he has directed the company's work in the Cable and Satellite Television market and worked on VSAT reports and consultancy. He has completed reports for clients on Satellite DTH and Cable Television marketing and delivery in all regions of the world. His work has included studies on African satellite systems, SMS operators, signal distributors and television channels, Middle Eastern satellite systems and television channels as well as future broadcasting opportunities in Turkey, Greece and the Balkans. He also covers other areas, such as MMDS and cable systems, investment opportunities and competitive analysis of the television market. Additionally he has worked extensively on other satellite broadcast applications such as business television and VSAT. Adrian is a member of the Society of Satellite Professionals.