St Albans - the first coach stop from London

Now working from our home offices in and around London, for many years was located in St Albans.  Although small, St Albans is a city because it has a Cathedral and it was the first town established by the Romans after London and became a large centre because when horse and carriage was the state of the art in transport, St Albans was as far as you could travel from London in one day.


What was the world headquarters was once the Trumpet Inn and the picture shows what it looked like at the turn of the 20th century - it looks almost identical today with the exception that we no longer serve beer. Number 42 (was until recently telecoms consultancy and in the past an inn, butcher, real estate agent and who knows what else), was built in the Sixteenth Century and has foundations dating back to Saxon times - the 7th and 8th Centuries! Just behind the building is the Cathedral/Abbey and the green fields of the Abbey Park. Through the park there is "Ye Old Fighting Cocks Inn", reputedly the oldest pub in Britain, although there are at least 16 of these!, and then the remains of Roman Verulamium, their name for the town. Central London is only 20 minutes away by train yet we are in the countryside - we often comment on how we miss the smoke, dirt, traffic, noise and expense of our beloved capital.